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Kindness and Good News: Healthy Brain Boosters

How often are you reading or hearing about kindness and good news? We are bombarded by bad news and wonder why we feel stressed or discouraged. Read on to enjoy a healthy brain boost.

The other day I had stopped at a stop sign as I was leaving a store parking lot.  I wanted something from the back seat and since no one was behind me, I shifted my minivan into park, got out and opened the sliding back door. To my surprise, a binder and two file folders fell to the ground and the loose papers began to scatter with the wind.

“No, no, no!” was all I could say as I frantically grabbed the  binder and papers that were still at my feet, threw them into the back seat, turned off the ignition, put on my hazard lights, and began to pick up the dozens of pages lying in the next lane.  Two vehicles had now pulled up behind me and I waved them around me, as I bent down to pick up more pages. When I next looked up, the people in those vehicles were outside picking up papers! A woman and a teenage boy each handed me a stack of papers. “I don’t think they are in order,” she joked and smiled.

“That’s okay. If I have them, I can reorganize them. Thank you so much. Thank you both!” As I turned to go, she added, “I think he got the furthest ones,” pointing to a man across the open area of the lot. He was jogging toward us with a handful of papers. 

“I think I got them all,” he said as he handed them to me with a smile.  

“Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you for your help.” I smiled and kept repeating, “Thank you.”

We all got into our vehicles smiling. These acts of kindness gave all of us, as well as anyone who saw them, a brain boost of serotonin, the chemical that creates a feeling of satisfaction, well-being, or “Ahhhh.” 

Not only did I have the papers, I also had a story of good news to share to help us remember that there is so much good happening around us every day. To read more good news, I recommend www.Gimundo.com I invite you to create good news with a random act of kindness today and enjoy your serotonin boost as well as the knowledge that you made a difference!

pixel Kindness and Good News: Healthy Brain Boosterspixel Kindness and Good News: Healthy Brain Boosters
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Words of today: PMA and Gratitude

Welcome to my blog – SPARK. Yes, it is the same title as my online talkradio show. It stands for Strategies, Possibilities, Actions, Resources and Knowledge. I hope you discover SPARKs you can use to ignite your life.

My words of the day are PMA and GRATITUDE. Through my adventures of yesterday – a smoking van when I got to Dubuque, losing a major tooth filling, getting the blue screen of death on my work laptop, and Tom getting a flat tire 15 feet from home, I chose a positive perspective and gratitude. They found a part to fix the van for under $100, I have a dentist appt. Wed., my laptop restarted just fine, and Tom got a ride to work this AM and he has a tire he can use for the repair.

A friend commented that she couldn’t believe how calm and positive I was when each of these things happened. We CAN choose our perspective and our responses.  I chose to focus on the positive side of each event and be grateful for the solutions.  Anyone can learn to do this and with practice, it gets easier. I dare you to give it a try today and let me know what happens.

pixel Words of today: PMA and Gratitudepixel Words of today: PMA and Gratitude
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