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Words of today: PMA and Gratitude

Welcome to my blog – SPARK. Yes, it is the same title as my online talkradio show. It stands for Strategies, Possibilities, Actions, Resources and Knowledge. I hope you discover SPARKs you can use to ignite your life.

My words of the day are PMA and GRATITUDE. Through my adventures of yesterday – a smoking van when I got to Dubuque, losing a major tooth filling, getting the blue screen of death on my work laptop, and Tom getting a flat tire 15 feet from home, I chose a positive perspective and gratitude. They found a part to fix the van for under $100, I have a dentist appt. Wed., my laptop restarted just fine, and Tom got a ride to work this AM and he has a tire he can use for the repair.

A friend commented that she couldn’t believe how calm and positive I was when each of these things happened. We CAN choose our perspective and our responses.  I chose to focus on the positive side of each event and be grateful for the solutions.  Anyone can learn to do this and with practice, it gets easier. I dare you to give it a try today and let me know what happens.

pixel Words of today: PMA and Gratitudepixel Words of today: PMA and Gratitude
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