Customizable Training

  • A Brain Training Bonanza
  • A Learning Activities/Games Oasis
  • A Matter of Style: Practical Brain-Based Strategies for Teaching Students How to Play the Game of School
  • A Safari Guide: Service Team Training
  • Accountability That Works (C)
  • Accountability: From Buzz Word to Action
  • Active Parenting of Teens
  • Are You Getting Peak Performance From Your Brain?
  • Attitude in the Workplace: Positive Attitude, Positive Impacts
  • Be a Coach in the Learning Game
  • Be the CEO of Your Life
  • Be The Zebra!
  • Best Brains at Work / School / Home
  • Brain Boosters
  • Brain Compatible Training: Spotlight on State Management
  • Catch the Crest of the Wave for Training Success
  • Choose Your Stress to Best Enjoy Your Success
  • Cooking Up Tempting Training
  • Discover Your Passions, Live Your Dreams (The Passion Test)
  • Eat Your Way to a Healthier Brain & Better Performance
  • Empower Yourself for Learning and Leadership Success
  • Empowering Students with Knowledge of Learning Channels and Strategies Through the SOS: Strengthening of Skills Program
  • Engage Adults to Experience Learning Success!
  • Fix the Brain, Then Fix the Problem (Customer Service)
  • Flex Your Communication for Phenomenal Gains
  • From Sparks to Fire: Re-igniting the Passion
  • Get Smart! Using Multiple Intelligences to Differentiate Instruction
  • Greater Clarity Yields Greater Success (The Passion Test)
  • Keep Your Learners’ Brains in Mind
  • Lead On! Leadership Development Workshops for College Student Leaders
  • Learning Channels, Brain Hemisphericity, and the SOS Program
  • MAEOPP Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) Training Series
  • Magnificent Memory: Retain it or Regain
  • Maximize Your Cognitive Capacity
  • Mind Magic (c)
  • More Tools to Build Your Success
  • New Instruments For Your Communication Toolbox
  • Orchestrating Successful Learning By Learning To Play a Key Instrument–The Brain
  • Power Up Your Presentations!
  • Psycho-Geometrics (TM)
  • Reclaim Your Power! Live Your Dreams! (The Passion Test)
  • Shape Up Your Communication (Psycho-Geometrics)
  • Team-Building for Success
  • Teens and Self-Esteem
  • Teller School
  • The Brains in Your Classroom: Applications of Brain Research to Teaching and Learning
  • You Can Lead A Horse to Water. What If You Could Make Him/Her Thirsty?!? Or How to Create a Thirst for Learning
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