Accountability: From Buzz Word to Action

There is a lot of buzz about the concept of accountability. If you ask five people to define accountability, you are likely to get five different interpretations. That is one part of the challenge of building a culture of accountability in the workplace, an organization, or even a family.

Are you committed to accountability? How accountable are you? Take a mini-assessment at for some personal insights. I encourage you to consider the power of accountability in your life.

As  a Certified Trainer of Accountability That Works!®, I appreciate opportunities to share Linda Galindo’s powerful model. I am excited to be facilitating a seminar  on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 from 8:30 – 11:30 am at the NICC Town Clock Center, 680 Main Street in Dubuque, IA in Room 106.  It is sponsored by The Employers Council of Northeast Iowa (ECI) in partnership with Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council (DALMC) and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Town Clock Center forProfessional Development.

The seminar description includes: “If you could, would you end “the blame game” in your organization? Would you enjoy improved supervisor-to-subordinate or peer-to-peer relationships? Would you benefit from improved teamwork on projects? Would you rather focus on agreement management instead of conflict management? If you responded “yes!” to any of these questions, register for the program “Accountability: From Buzz Word to Action” and gain insights and strategies to improve responsibility, empowerment, accountability, and the use of the powerful tool of clear agreements. This training will provide a strategic framework upon which to build a culture of accountability.”

If you are in the area and interested in attending this seminar, it includes 3.0 HRCI general recertification credits. Pre-registration is required and to register for Course #2055, go to or call (563) 557-8271 ext. 380.

If you are too far away to join me and are interested in learning more, check out one of my podcasts about accountability at  And stay tuned because  I am excited to interview program creator, and author of The 85% Solution, Linda Galindo, soon on my SPARK talkradio show

May you enjoy the power of accountability to create more success in your life!

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