Focus on Progress Rather Than Perfection

Have you been thinking about doing something but haven’t started – or finished – because, well, you don’t think it would be good enough? I have enjoyed several powerful conversations this past week that sparked insights and reminders I want to share.  

To start, take a deep breath, smile, and say with enthusiasm, “I am committed to excellence and I make new and different mistakes every day.” After I share that statement in seminars or with coaching clients, I often see wide eyes and hear gasps!

I then comment, “Because we are human beings, we will make mistakes, right?” And they agree.

Finally, I ask, “Why not commit to learning from our mistakes so we can avoid repeating them and make new ones instead?” They then laugh and agree. This is one of my personal mottos which reminds me to focus on progress rather than perfection.  Since we are going to make mistakes, let’s learn from them as we go so we can make new mistakes and have more learning opportunities. 

For a discussion of more strategies to “Focus on Progress Rather Than Perfection!” listen to my online talkradio show, SPARK. It is archived and I invite you to listen to the 10/9/10 segment at BlogTalkRadio to help you shift your thinking, get started, and get done!

Finally, take ONE action on something you read – or hear if you listen to the recording – to spark a positive change in your life!

May you choose to create a great day as you continue to make a positive difference in the lives you touch!
~Melanie Hoffner

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